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Here I am....

Once again I am months behind on blogging. I will quickly try to catch up.....
December was such a fun month. Christmas Break was the best since we had so many fun events and family get together. Although it was rather hectic.

We had two family weddings once again. This was defiantly the year of love or something. I don't think I have ever even been invited to this many weddings. So Matt and I's nephew got married to a cute gal and then the week after my sister got married to a wonderful guy as well. Let's just say those two weeks were full of family fun.

Since I am not carrying any babies in my belly, I thought I might as well take this opportunity to take on skiing. I have only been once my whole life, and that was not the best experience. I was in my early 20's, never been, it was snowing hard and I was thrown on a blue hill my first time down. Seriously! Basically you can imagine how a beginner would feel about these circumstances... …