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(YUP, this is a bit old. I started it and never finished, but here you go.....)

We had the craziest Valentines week, but I absolutely loved it! I have sort of been on a kick lately of parties, so I thought it would be awesome to invite a few of Tate and Addie's friends over for a valentine party. Last minute my nieces and nephew joined too, so that their mom and dad could go out for their anniversary. There was defiantly going to be a party!

Tate really wanted to decorate the house for valentines and so I had him help me pull something together. It turned out pretty cute for it being cheap hand made decorations. I didn't even have to spend anything since we just collected things around the house. ...

Speaking of Tate helping me, I swear I know how to spell Valentines. I had Tate string the letters on and at some point they must have gotten mixed up. For some reason I didn't even notice until everything was all hung up. I wasn't about to pull the sign down and get…

Superheroes in Training...

My cute mom is always wanting to do memorable things with her grandchildren. Last summer she held a tea party for the girls and their dolls. It was so fun. Of course she then wanted to do something for the boys. I gave her the idea of something with super heros. From there, this is what we came up with.

Made Capes

Found these adorable certificates to print at Designergirl007

Then my sister in-law and I made these fun cupcakes!

"Ok, I am a little crazy since this was only for two little boys, but what the heck, we all had fun."

Then we had to have some games so that the boys could complete their Superhero Training. Like the "X-Ray Vision Test" where we blindfolded the boys and had them guess what it was they were feeling in the bowls. (We had pasta, rice and cut up tomatoes).

The favorite was the "Speed Test". We have a small hill in our neighborhood where the boys could sled. As they slep I timed them and had them race. They had a blast!

Our last gam…

Looking for New Sitter......!

Sometimes it just takes four hours to show a husband how hard being a mommy really is.....

So about a month ago Matt watched the kids while I had to head out. I was gone about 4 hours. I told him to watch dinner, which was a roast in the oven, and most importantly... OUR KIDS!!!

As soon as I walked in the door Tate came running to me yelling, "Mommy, Addie peed all over the floor". I walked to the family room to see Matt sitting on the couch in loss for words. I have never seen him so overwhelmed. I asked him what else happened and he told me how Tate broke a lamp and dinner got burnt. Right then I see Addie running in the kitchen naked. Her hair looked wet and I asked Matt if she just got a bath? Matt then told me how he had given her a bath.... over an hour ago. I then asked, "Why is her hair still wet". "Oh, it's not wet", Matt said, "It's Vaseline"! So to top everything off, Addie had gotten into some Vaseline I had in a b…