Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My name is Tasha and I'm a Cokeaholic....

When Tate told me he would stop eating candy if I stop drinking diet coke, I realized I might have a bit of a "diet coke" drinking problem... But when Addie said she would stop drinking diet coke if I stop drinking it, I knew my problem was much bigger than I thought.
"My name is Tasha and I am a diet cokeaholic and it has been 10 min. since my last drink...."!

Short Kid Stories that need to be told...

These are old stories I meant to share but haven't...

"Where does chicken come from?"
Yesterday my kids had fried chicken on the bone for the first time. Tate asked, "Mom, why do they put the chicken on the bone"? At this point I wasn't sure what to say. "Well" I said, "Chickens have bones just like us". At this point Tate's eyes got really big with concern and he said "You mean this is a REAL chicken?", "Like the ones who walk around and say cluck cluck, cluck?".....
Of course I couldn't lie to the kids and I said yes. To my surprise Tate suddenly got happy again and took a huge bite of his chicken and said, "This is the best chicken ever".

"Addie's Masterpiece"
Matt and I (Mostly I, while Matt worked) enjoyed a nice relaxing trip to Curacao this year. My parents were kind enough to take time out of their crazy schedule to come to cali and watch the kids. My mom did several projects with the kids and of course Addie wanted to make sure she had her drawings up for us to see when we got home. It was very cute to see pictures hanging up in the living room on the wall and in her room above her bed. I decided to keep them up for while before taking them down and putting them in her box of memories. 1 to 2 weeks later I decided it would be a good time to take them down. I first went to take of the pictures that were hanging up in the family room. I grabbed the paper and began to carefully remove the picture from the wall it was taped to. But there was a problem... I learned that these pictures were not taped to the wall but glued. When I finished scrapping the paper off the wall with water and a rag I went up to Addie's room hoping that this wasn't the case for the pictures in her room. Of course it was. I called my mom to ask her if she helped Addie hang her pictures up. She told me no and how Addie did it all by herself. That is when my mom too learned of Addie's brilliant idea of using glue. It all works the same to her. Although I was laughing I had to hold back my smile when I explained to her that glue is not meant for hanging up pictures. Now I know to keep an even close eye on my little artist.

Babysitters Worst Nightmare
Matt and I came home from a nice date night. As soon as we walked in Addie came running into the room and said "Tate is not being nice to the babysitter". We could hear the sitter telling Tate to go to bed and heard her sort of shriek. Matt ran upstairs to see what was going. The sitter came downstairs looking exhausted and relived that we were finally home. I was so embarrassed that I didn't even ask her what happened, I just immediately apologized for our son and opened the door so we could hurry and get her home. It wasn't until I got home that I learned what was really going on. When Matt went into Tate's room where all the commotion was coming from, he saw Tate hiding under his table with a squirt bottle spraying the sitter in the face as she was trying get him out from underneath. Tate was telling her he was not going to go to bed and just kept spraying her with water. Now I was even more embarrassed. The next day at church I made both the kids write apology petters to the sitter. Poor girl, it was her first time watching our kids and our first time using one of the yw in that ward. I am sure now they all know to be busy the nights we call them.

Much Needed Motivation
One day I was telling matt how I didn't feel like running that day but I knew I needed to. Addie then pipes in and says, "ya, mom needs to go running so her butt doesn't get big". Thanks for the reminder Addie!

What The...
This story is extremely old, especially since it append last summer when Tate was only 6 years old. We were visiting our family in Utah. We were at my sisters house and everyone was hanging outside. Tate and his cousin were jumping on the trampoline. All the sudden I hear his cousin say "How did you do that?". I sort of ignored this, since that is what I do when I have other kids to entertain my own kids, but then again I hear, "How did you do that, do it again"! This time I asked my nephew what it was that Tate was doing. He then informed me that Tate can do a back flip on the tramp. At first I figured that it was just a front somersault so I was like, "That's cool, I want to see". Tate began to jump really high and then he did it... He did a freakin back flip. I was hesitant to ask him to do it again, afraid he might break his neck or something. But I did and Matt filmed it on his phone. It was crazy! Of course I was wondering where he learned it from. He then told me he learned it last summer at his cousins house when he was being babysat. I thought back to when that was and then remembered that the babysitter told Matt and I that night when we picked Tate up, that Tate had done a backflip on the tramp. Of course we didn't believe it and didn't even ask to see since we were ready to head home. Now I am starting to believe he did do a backflip. Lesson of the day... I got crazy kids and I better keep an eye on them.

Family Game Night
Our kids LOVE games. Once of our favorites is the game "Headbands", where you have to guess what picture is on your forehead. Addie is an absolute hoot to play with. Here is one example (actually the reality) of what happens when it's Addie's turn (She is a shark)...

Addie: "Is it an animal?"

Me: "Yes"

Addie: "Does it have 2 legs?"

Me: "No"

Addie: "Does it have three legs?"

Me: "No, Addie there are no animals that have 3 legs."

Addie: "Does it have 4 legs?"

Me: "No"

Addie: "Does it have 5 legs?"

Me: "NO ANIMAL has 5 legs Addie. Lets move on from the legs and I will give you a clue. Your animal DOES NOT have any legs".

Addie: (Her eyes get really big like she finally knows what it is)... "I know.... It's a chicken!"

Me: "Addie, chickens have legs"

Addie: (Pauses and thinks for a minute) "No mom, they don't.... They do?"

Needless to say, this was a very long game, but hilarious.