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Baby it's Cold Outside!

So on Thursday night I got caught in a huge storm while driving. I had never been so scared. I seriously couldn't see one thing in front of me because of the snow. I think I was like the only one who even tried driving up the road to our house because there were no cars on the road going up the hill. I did see plenty of cars pulled over on the side and in accidents though. Luckily I made it home safely and from what I know I only ended up on the wrong side of the road once. I found that out when I hit the curb. Anyway here is all the snow that came during the storm. Some people can't even get out of their driveways, but Matt was out like at 11:00 pm shoveling.

Here is our neighborhood and Home.

This is how high the piles are getting. You can't tell, but I am actually standing inside the pike of snow. I couldn't get on top of it without sinking a bit.

All Dressed Up!