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Christmas Morning 2008

Christmas morning was awesome! Honestly if it weren't for the kids, Christmas wouldn't be half the fun. They are just so funny on Christmas Day. I am also sure if we didn't have Tate and Addie our tree would be empty underneath, because Matt and I are just not that good. Just Kidden.
Tate was obviously the most excited but surprisingly enough Addie got into it a little as well. We took more Video of Tate. So the pictures pretty much contain Addie. Maybe I will try to get a video up soon. The cutest video we got was of Tate when he gt his Spiderman underwear. He was so excited he just had to strip down and put it on. I should have known.
Tate was very appreciative of all the gifts Santa gave him. All and All Christmas was a hit!

Anderson Christmas Party 2008

The Anderson's Christmas party is always held on Christmas Eve. We always eat dinner first which is yummy soup in a bread bowl. I love this meal. Afterwards we have a little Christmas program which includes some musical number, which were done by all the kids this year. They were all so cute!

Then of course we do our traditional nativity scene. Somehow Matt became the donkey at the Anderson's family party. Not that I didn't have a part to play in that. Also we got lucky enough to have Spiderman join us this year as one of our wise men.

As you can see Matt loved being the donkey!

After the program we eat my Aunt Leslie's famous bread pudding and then we open gifts from my parents.
Addie loved her doll grandma and grandpa gave her.

The Snow's Christmas Party

This year at the Snow's Christmas Party Matt's sister Karen came up with the great idea of doing the nativity scene. I love watching the kids get all dressed up and watching them as the story comes alive. Ok, truth is it wasn't the perfect nativity scene it's hard to not laugh when my husband is the sheep and his brother is the donkey, but it sure is fun to watch. So here are some pics from it.

After words the kids waited for Santa to arrive which he did.

Addie did not like Santa at all!

Tate really enjoyed Santa but his favorite part had to be the overload of spiderman gifts. Tate had recently lost his spiderman toy, (who only had one leg). He was so excited when not only got one but two spidermen toys. To top it all off Grandma and Grandpa Snow gave Tate his new favorite PJ's, Spiderman Pj's. We still can't get him to get rid of his halloween costume! Amidiatly Tate tore off his clothes and put his new pajamas on.

When Grandpa Ted says jump, "You better jump".

The title basically just expresses the control that Grandpa Ted has on us or at least would like to have. We love our Grandpa Ted though he is the funniest man you will ever meet. On Thanksgiving Ted gave us a list of thing we must do for him. One being decorating his door for Christmas. Supposedly where he lives they decided to have a contest on the most decked out door. I am not sure what ever happened but he defiantly had the coolest door. My mom, I and the grand kids all got together to cut out snowflakes and hand prints for the wreath on the door. I then painted a character of my Gramps with a Santa hat. All the kids made cards and here was are finishing project, minus some cards we accidentally left behind. I think grandpa loved it and the kids enjoyed their day visiting and decorating grandpa's home.


Well almost. Finally Tate lost one tooth. Tate actually lost his tooth about a week before Christmas, but forgive me for having an overload of Christmas seasons To Do's.
So who pulled the tooth? I did. The right way of course. His tooth has been REALLY loose for a while and who knows what it was hanging onto in there. I finally just asked Tate if I could pull it, he said yes and there you go. The tooth came out no problem. Tate didn't even cry. Dr. Matt has now been banned from teeth pulling and now we are waiting for tooth #2 to be ready.
Here is a picture of the handsome fellow himself. Not the best pic, but you can see there is one less tooth!