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No more crib...

I wish I were saying, "No more binkie". Instead it with out with the crib and in with a bed. Poor Tate was getting in a lot of trouble one day and I had it. He was sent to his room and at the same time I out Addie and bed. Next thing I knew, Addie was walking around upstairs and Tate was running around with her. "TATE!", I yelled. "Did you let Addie out of her bed and room"? Tate promised me he didn't, but I didn't believe him. He was just causing way too much trouble that day.
Tate went back to his room and Addie was put back in bed. Well a few minutes later Addie was out again. This time I decided to give Tate the benefit of the doubt and after I put Addie back in her bed and room, I watched under the crack of the door. Sure enough, Addie was getting out of the crib herself and opening her door. Matt and I have since taken the crib down and Addie now has her own bed.
Now for the binkie dilemma. I was about to kill two birds with one…