Wednesday, January 5, 2011

These past few months are pretty much a blur. I can hardly believe we made it through them. So much has happened and basically we are all beginning our new year on a wild new adventure.

Way back in September Matt heard of a job opening in Utah in Bio Tech. This was something Matt had been wanting to get into, but he knew chances were slim. He went for it anyways and luckily his experience in working with cardio vascular system and as a specialty rep got him an interview. From there the process was a roller coaster. The more Matt learned of the company and its products the more knew he wanted the job. However, the interviews would continue to go well only to send him on to the next interview. The interview process was the most intense and extended interview process Matt had ever had. The longer the process went on, the more doubt Matt had about getting the job.

Finally Matt reached the final interview with the VP of the company and left feeling great. A few hours later Matt received a call letting him know that the decision of his outcome would take longer than expected because of another individual who also just began the interview process for the same position. By this point Matt was crushed. He had never known with such surety that he wanted a job. The long month of Interviews extended to being another month of waiting for an answer. Both Matt and I were sure he didn’t get it and all I heard from him was how “this was a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Finally towards the end of October Matt received the call. Bad news… Matt didn’t get the job. However, they really wanted Matt to work for them and would give him any other job available! We were pretty sure that that was the end of this, especially when they mentioned an opening in California (which is of course, little on the pricy side). Matt was bummed and I too was sad to see him so disappointed.

The next day Matt received a call and a job offer in California. We were shocked to hear the offer and soon realized that this opportunity was defiantly doable. The only thing that would keep us from leaving was all of our family and close friends. We have been very blessed to live in such a great area with so many kids. Our children have loved having so many other children to play with every day. Our neighborhood has also been one of the most supportive neighborhoods we have lived in. Everyone is constantly helping each other out. Not only do we have a wonderful co-op set up during the day and for Friday date nights, but people are always making meals for you when you are sick, just had a baby or in need of some support at the time. I knew it would be hard for us to leave, but I also knew that this was a wonderful opportunity for Matt and for our family. It would be a great experience for us and would give us the opportunity to really depend on each other more rather than those around us.

We had less then 24 hours to make a decision. Matt and I were up literally all night trying to decide what would be best for us and our small family. I don't even know if we knew what our decision would be until seconds before we have an answer. It was all pretty crazy.

From there we got our house ready as quick as possible to sell and it was sold in a few weeks. Soon after the holidays came and Matt has been out of town for pretty much half of the time. This has left me to keeping the house clean, getting Christmas shopping done, finding a school for Tate and everything else it takes to move and keep life running as smooth as possible.

For this reason I just am going to rush through the rest of the year with pics and brief descriptions.

Halloween 2010

Toy Story cake for a friends little boy

Baby Shower Gifts