Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween 2009

Best Birthday Week EVER!!!

I am not a big birthday person, but I do like the fact that Matt and mines birthday is so close together. This always gives us the opportunity to splurge and do something extra fun for out birthdays. This year we had something extra big planned. Earlier in the year a couple of our friends approached us about the U2 concert in Las Vegas. They had a couple of extra tickets and so Matt and I decided we would purchase them as our birthday gifts for each other. We planned a road trip to vegas but as time came closer to the event, we got approached about another fun opportunity. We just couldn't pass going to California so we worked out an excellent plan.

With the help of Matt's awesome sister, who invited us to a beach house in Carlsbad CA., she watched our kids while Matt and I took off for vegas. That next day she and her husband took their kids plus Tate and Addie on an airplane and flew them to Cali. This was their first airplane ride and from what she says it went pretty smooth. I don't know if I believe her, but I sure appreciate her help so that we didn't have to make another trip back to utah from Vegas and back to california. That would have been a pain.

So let's start from the beginning...

Before we left to Vegas, Matt had his birthday. Because we had the other events planned, the kids and I wanted to do something small for him. We took it upon ourselves to let the neighborhood know it was his birthday. The kids helped me choose the "Almost Over The Hill" sign and hat. I made the two posters with the saying, "Your Hearing's bad and you're going gray, It must mean you're turning 30 today"! Creative, I know :0)

Two days later we left for vegas.

The U2 Concert was awesome. Best part was when I realized The Black Eyed Peas were the opening act. I love The Black Eyed Peas. They put on an awesome performance. After their act was of course U2. They throw the ultimate outdoors concert. I was in awe the whole time. Of course the company of our friends only added to the fun. Good times!

The next day we Matt and I got back on the road and headed to Cali.

When Matt and I arrived at the beach house, we were welcomed by a group of dolphins that were right outside our window and jumping close to shore. It was amazing. We had so much fun the whole week. We went to many great restaurants thanks to matt's sister who takes notes on one of those food network shows which shows you the best places to eat. We had a lot of great food! Here are some pics.

This was the bets pizza place ever. The pizza was cheap and tasted pretty good.

This is Tate, Addie and their cousin. I love this picture

These are a series of picture I took of my brother in law, who I talked into catching a seagull. Although my brother in law was left with some wounds, and the bird lost it's lunch, the seagull was not harmed.

Sorry Scott, I had to post these ;0)

While in Cali, we had to spend a couple of days in Sea World.

I am debating on wether or not I want to scuba dive with these.... Hmmm?

Tate loved going on the rides and getting soaked on them.

And don't forget fun at the beach...