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Tate, Tate and Tate!

So finally Tate is potty trained......I think! I realize there will be an accident here are there, but he is really doing well! So yesterday was a crazy day, Tate was on a roll of causing laughs. He loves to wear his PJ's all day. It is so hard to get him to change. Well As of Yesterday he tries to wear as many pj's as possible. He had three pairs of bottoms on and I chose not to fight this battle.

So now that Tate is potty trained he is very interested in his little boy part. Today he asked me if I had a "pee pee", (I really don't know what I should call it?", Anyways I said no. He told me I did and I told him again that only boys do. He did not believe me and said he wanted to see. Then he proceeded to try to pull my pant down. We then had our first discussion on private parts. I really don't know if he even understood what I was saying. But I tried my best.

Well poor Matt got stuck in a dilemma with Tate at the end of the day. I mayb…