Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Round Up Continue...

In June Addie graduated Pre-school. This is also when she announced she wanted to be a captain of a ship when asked "What do you want to be when you grown up".

June is also dance recital time. 2013 was exceptionally fun because I taught dance at my sisters dance studio.  I've missed dance and using my creativity, being a dance teacher gave me the opportunity to bring both of these back into my life.  I taught one Preschool Creative Ballet Class and 3 Dance With Me (age 18 months - 3 years old) classes. It was a blast and Addie seemed to enjoy having me be a teacher at the studio as well.  The theme for the recital was Fairytales, Fables and Folklore's.  Addie was in 3 dances Noah's Ark, Star Constellations and Gingerbread Man.  She did great and LOVES dance!  My dance class did "Princess and The Pea".  It was fun because I used my creativity to create a huge bed for the stage scenery. It turned out awesome and my little dances looked so cute on stage.

In July we headed to Northern California to San Francisco.  Here we met up with our good friends the Johnson's, from Southern Cali.  While we visited San Francisco we went to a magic show where Tate and I got to go on stage for a couple of different tricks.  Tate was hilarious on stage.  I don't even remember what he did, but he was just being Tate and everyone in the audience was laughing at him.  We also took the kids to Alcatraz which we weren't sure how it would be but the kids were great. Tate actually really enjoyed it and had lots of questions about the prison when our tour was over.  We also went to an awesome park at the Golden Gate park and saw the Golden Gate bridge. It was such a fun vacation and so nice being able to spend a few days with them and their kids. 

After San Francisco we headed to Yosemite for the Snow Family Trip.  It was so beautiful there and Matt and I hiked The Half Dome, which was wicked scary.  

2013 Round Up

2013 has come and gone but like every year it was filled with many ups, downs and memories we will take with us years to come.  We were a little worried how our year would be when it started off with Addie in the ER with a split head.  However, that didn't bring her down.  We still made our Disney Cruise from Santa and even though Addie couldn't swim, she had a great time meeting all the characters and going to the shows.  Both Addie and Tate wanted to work on a cruise ship after the fun filled trip.  In fact, Addie announced on stage at her preschool graduation that she wanted to be a Captain of a Ship.  Maybe one of these days we can go again.

During the start of the year I was still adjusting to our move back to Utah.  I missed California and my friends there so much.  It was nice to be back near my friends in Utah, who I have known for years but even in our short amount of time in California I was able to add to my “lifelong friend” list. It was hard not being so close to them anymore.  I was able to make one short trip to Cali when I ran the Southern California Ragnar with my great friend and running partner Heather.  I was even able to stay a couple of days longer and catch up with some of my other friends.  It was fun having a late night with my old church friends.  I was even able to spend a day with my favorite moms (and friends) of Mountain view Elementary.  Those girls were always up for an adventure with the kids and we did a lot of fun things with the kids while we lived in cali.    This was one of the reasons moving back had been so hard.  I didn’t have Krista or Charlie anymore.  But being able to see them helped my homesickness from them. Even though our move to California was short, I will never regret it.  The people I met at that time were met to be in my life. I learned so much from them and had so much support from all of them while in Cali.  The best part is they are still there for me even though we are miles apart.  I am so blessed to have them in my life.

In March, Tate was Baptized.  He has grown up so much and has become such a handsome boy.  Even though he is our wild adventurous child, who sometimes worries me to death, he has such a big heart.  He is always helping others and worrying about them.  He sure is something special.

In May, Matt and I took a trip to Boston.  Actually, Matt had to go there for work so we both went a little early so that we could spend some much needed time together.  It also was our 11th Anniversary.  We had a great time and I feel in love with the buildings and history.

In may we also finally got some family pictures done.  Which was very overdue!