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Toilet Tales

I hate Potty Training. So Tate has shown signs off and on that he wants to use the potty. Once last summer when we were to take a big road trip to a family reunion, so it was not the best timing. The other time he hated the feel of underwear and wanted his diaper back on admidiatly, so we didn't push it. So we waited for him to tell us he was ready again. We also have had these two toy trains waiting for Tate whenever he decided to poop in the toilet. We will bring it up here and there just to remind him. So this last week Tate came down wearing his underwear. His diaper was underneath, but I figured this could be a sign. So we got rid of the diaper and went from there. Tate was doing awsome.

Day One: Tate went the first half of the day with out any accidents. Later that day he asked if he got to choose a train (of course he couldn't forget this!). I told him he had to poop first. So he tries all day with no sucess. By the time he went to bed and we put on the d…