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Addie's Blessing

These are about a month old, but I figured they should be shown. Addie was blessed the first of Nov. We had both our families and close friends there. It is so great being surrounded by such wonderful people. It was sad not having Matt's parents there, but it is nice to know they are serving the Lord on a mission in Washington. Tate really misses his Grandpa Snow, Tate is his little minnie me.

Here is a picture of Great Grandpa Ted, (my grandpa),. I love my grandpa. He is the funniest guy even when he is a bit grouchy. I am so glad that Tate and Addie have had the opportunity to meet him. I wish Addie could have met my Grandma, she was one of he neatest ladies I have ever known. In fact Addie and I are both named after her and Addie's dress was actually mine and given to me from my grandma. This is something I am glad that I have to pass down to my daughter and it gives me the great opportunity to introduce her to my grandma and the wonderful life she lived.

All you need is Love!

I love catching Tate and Addie in those sweet brother and sister moments.

This first one is one of my favorite pictures of Tate and Addie together. Tate sometimes just loves to sit by Addie and mimic her.

This is when Matt caught Tate cuddling next to Addie and leaning over and kissing her. So Cute!

We're a little worried....

So the other day we went to play games at my brothers house and brought Tate and Addie. Tate was stuck playing with a bunch of girls and by the end of the night Tate was walking around with nothing but a diaper, some girly boots, and a gold purse. To top that off he kept saying, "Santa's CUTE!". We were a little worried. Actually I am just glad I got a picture to hang on to just in case Tate needs some whippin into shape for acting up as a teenager.... (Matt is going to kill me for posting this, so mums the word)