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What you cookin?

So I had the funniest picture to take the other day, but could not find our camera. Blame it on the man of the house! So speaking of the man in the house. It is time to start to wonder about him. Usually Matt is always the one on top of things. I am always the one you can catch making silly mistakes. Not this time!
So I asked Matt to help make the kids lunch. Tate wanted chicken nuggets so I nicely told Matt to get them cookin(Can you really nicely tell a man what to do? I don't know). We the microwave had been beeping for a while telling us the food was cooked. I decided I would get the food out of the microwave. So I opened the microwave door and..... nothing was there!
"What the heck?", I thought. I turned to Matt to ask him if he even got them their food. He claimed he put it on a plate and in the microwave. I opened the microwave and informed him it was turned on, but nothing was inside.
We then searched around the kitchen for the plate of chicken nugge…