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It's a bird, no it's a plane.... Nope, it's just Tate learning about gravity!

Who is this wonderful child I created? I know exactly who he is, yet I am not sure he knows who he is. So we were outside on the porch. Tate was catching grasshoppers, which is his new favorite hobby, and I was sitting on our bench. Tate decided to join me gor a minute and climbed up to sit next to me. Next thing I know, I see Tate step back to the edge of the porch and take off towards the other end. He then jump with his arms stretched outward and his body flat in the air. He also did some weird twist/flip thing that I have no way of describing, but he had no attention on landing on his feet. Therefore he landed flat on our unfinished flower-bed full of rocks. Ouch!
Tate obviously started crying and was covered with dirt and mild scrapes (luckily). I asked him, "What were you doing"? He then said, "I was trying to fly". I couldn't help but laugh. My four year old is so obsessed with super heroes, webs and flying. It was bound to happen. I am jus…