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Our Pets!

So we decided since we probably will never get any pets we will adopt all the deer that come in our yard. We get a herd of them in the backyard sometimes and on Thanksgiving we saw one eating one of our neighbors plants.

Addie's Smile


The Polar Express

My family went on the Polar Express recently. Tate was able to invite a friend last minute because Matt got called away for work. Tate took his good friend Landon. They were so excited when Santa showed up. Too bad my camera wasn't working then. We were able to get a few other pics though.

Mean Mr. Tate!

Ok, so I love Tate more than anything, but he sure got in trouble this last week. Addie was crying and Matt went to make her a bottle. While Matt wasn't looking Tate got a hold of her and wasn't all that nice. Lets just say he was in his room most of the day. As for Addie, by the time I got home she was back to her happy self. I cried though when I saw the bump and scratches Tate had left on her. I think he has learned his lesson.....hopefully!

This sort of brings me back to last year around the same time, when Tate gave me a black eye by head butting me...... Tate really picks on us girls!