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Water Monkey

So I am not one to push my child to do something they are just not ready to do. For example crawling, walking, and potty training. Sometimes kids just know when they are ready more then we do and all of them are on their own schedules. But when it comes to swimming I am a strong believer in teaching them ASAP. Especially if you plan on being around water allot during summer time and if your child is determined to be independent and is good at disappearing at a blink of an eye. It is so hard to teach a 3 year old water safety and I would be much more relaxed if I knew Tate was aware of what needed to be done just in case he fell into water and got out of my sight. So I was determined to find him a great swimming instructor. I learned in group lessons there were just to many kids to focus on and most likely it wouldn't be until next year or later when Tate learned to swim. At a community pool they had to be very easy going and wouldn't push the kids to hard. It was m…

Catch up!

So way back around the 4th of July we went to freedom festival. It was a lot of fun. The had all these free crafts and activities for the kids. Tate's favorite was the large Python. I hope this isn't the start of some fascination with snakes. There is no way i will allow a snake to stay in the same house with me. My brother would always bring hope creepy things and keep them as pets. I still remember the snake he caught and when it got out of the cage. I was the one who found it and I also was the one who picked it up and threw it out side. Surprisingly it was never seen again! Sorry Nate if I never told you, I think I did though because I was so happy to get rid of that thing.