Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life in a Hotel...

We were crammed but we made it out alive. We lived in a hotel for our first month in california. During this time we got Tate into school and it seemed everyday we were exploring houses and different cities. I also had to keep the kids entertained so I made it a point to go to a different beach once a week and find other fun activities near by. Here were a few of our favorites.

Both Tate and Addie LOVE the beach. It seems each one has something different to offer. My favorite beach had to be in Malibu. We went during low tide and were able to explore some of the sea life on shore. We found some hermit crabs and seashells. There was also some awesome caves you could go through since the tide was so low. We had a blast.


We also found this fun park called Brandons Village. I told the kids that they had to make a friend each time we went and you know what...? They actually did. They got really well at introducing themselves which really helped them adjust to all the changes.

My favorite find was the Create Studio, where you can create art by recycling items. You will have to check out the facebook page.

Addie and I used a soap detergent bottle and made a princess.

Tate wanted to make a super hero and we just so happened to find a wooden picture frame shaped as a person. From there we broke a bouncy ball with a light in it and used it as a chest piece (simular to Iron Man), and added fabric and paint to it.

I am seriously dying to go back. The kids and I had so much fun.

Goodbye Utah...

Our final days in our home were as hectic as ever. We just finished our Christmas only to get everything packed away the next few days after. We had several different piles of boxes and luggage. We had our suitcases for the Cabin, where we would spend right after we move out of the house, boxes full of necessities for the next month (While we live in our hotel) and of course the biggest pile that was to be put in storage until we find a more permanent home in Cali.

Of course on the official moving day we were hit by a huge snow storm. This couldn't make me happier to move to sunny California ;0) Our house was freezing since it had to be left open all day for the movers. Once they got everything loaded the plan was to leave for the cabin. However the storm was too bad for us to drive in and we had NO BEDS or BLANKETS. This gave me the perfect excuse to invite me and my family over to our neighbors house for a sleepover. It was hard enough saying goodbye to them earlier that day so it was nice to hang out one last time before we take off. These particular neighbors are basically part of our family. Matt and I met them years ago when we lived in West Jordan. We were all so close that when we all learned on the new development in Draper, we both decided to move up there together. Basically it really sucked having to leave them behind. Plans are to become neighbors again as soon as we move back to Utah or once we get them to cali... (I wish)

The next morning, after our sleepover, we had to say our goodbyes one last time. It was just as hard the second time. Once again weather wasn't great but we knew we needed to get going. The picture above is the pic I took just as we were leaving.