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The Door

For a long time now we have struggled getting our kids to stay in their room when it is time for bed. We have threatened time after time that if they don't stay in their room that we would have to lock them in. The threat never even scared them and after a while we got a little desperate. Finally on one of those nights when Tate was being his usual self and testing us to the extreme, Matt finally pulled out a rope and tied Tate's door to another door holding it shut. It was quite the knot and Matt and I were finally able to go down stairs to get some time to ourselves. 30 min. later Tate yells "I got out"!

...So much for that Idea.

After that night we realized the rope wasn't going to keep Tate in his room. We had to go to the next level. Tate told us we would never be able to keep him in his room and so Matt switched Tate's door knob with another Door knob which couldn't be opened without a key. Not only, could it not be opened without a key, bu…