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Silly Tate

Tate thought his glasses that Great Papa Ted gave him were so funny. He wanted me to keep taking pictures of him.

Best Buds

We have had alot of work done in our backyard recently. Tate was so excited to wake up every morning and see big tracktors right outside our window. He was so sad to hear that the tracktors would be leaving so he and his buddy, Landon (our neighbor), went to say bye. They were so excited when the workers said they could sit in them so we had to get pictures.

Happy Halloween!

So my favorite holiday has come and gone. I love Halloween! Usually I have costumes ready and planned in advanced, but this year I really have struggled being organized with anything. I found Tate's costume at Old Navy and ordered Addie's on-line. I wasn't going to dress up but last minute I put some clothes together to create some 80's rock chick. Surprisingly all the peices of my costume are clothes I wear like everyday......scary isn't it? Well I forced Matt to grab a hat and jeans and call himself a cowboy. He couldn't be the only one with out a costume!
THis was probably our funest halloween together. Tate was just old enough to enjoy it. He would go up to the doors and say, "Give me candy". That isn't exactly what I told him to say......but I geuss he figured it was just as effecttive. We had a hard time getting him to stop. Luckily by now he has forgotten about the big bag of candy we have stashed in our cubbouard. Mom and Dad h…