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New Years Eve... Not so great

Kids were super excited to spend New years up at the cabin since we haven't been able to enjoy it for a couple of years while we lived out of state. It is great being up there in the winter because there is a super fun sledding hill in the back of the cabin and great snowmobiling. It is also very beautiful and relaxing.

On New Years Eve morning we decided we were going to go snowmobiling as a Family. We didn't get to far and had issues with one of the snowmobiles so turned back. The kids then decided they wanted to sled so they joined their cousins sledding down the hill. The kids started getting tired walking up the big hill so the guys grabbed the snowmobiles to pick them up and bring them back to the top. Since one of the snowmobiles wasn't working, we decided to use a four wheeler. We do this all the time since the hill is so long. Matt pulled the 4 wheeler of to the side once he got up from the bottom of the hill, at that moment Addie started heading down b…


It's been a long time since I have posted anything. As usual, sooo much has gone on. We are now back in Utah,which has been bitter sweet. The kids have loved being back and loved seeing their cousins and grandparents more. They have also met many kids their age in our neighborhood. They love having so many kids their age so close by. I am so glad they are loving it being back. Nothing makes a mom happier than when her kids are happy themselves.

Although there is so much to catch up on I figured I should probably just add the most recent events that took place knowing I may never catch up to it if I don't. So here we go...

This was are first Christmas back and in our new home. It was a rather small Christmas being that the kids main gift was a Disney Cruse the first of the year. Of course I wanted Santa to present this gift the best way possible so we worked together and gave it everything we got.

The kids found a package labeled "Open Last" and of course, op…