Monday, August 3, 2009

The Summer of Snow...

Yes, we have almost had a full summer of Snow. Not the white stuff, but my husbands parents and siblings. Seriously though, I have really enjoyed it.

With that being said, the Snow clan has had several events planned this year. We had our cruise, a wedding, reunion and most recent Matt's parents 50th anniversary. This was a great honor to be involved in as I have great respect for both of Matt's parents. I am so lucky to have them as my second parents. Matt's dad is the funniest man and such a fun grandpa. Matt's mom would do anything for her family and both her and her husbands life is revolved around serving their children and grandchildren. They are full of so much love and support.

Everyone was given a responsibility for the 50th. I was asked to draw a portrait of the in-laws in their younger years, with the temple in the background. I am so rusty right now and it gets very frustrating only being able to draw once a year if even that. After many pencils being thrown and piles of eraser dust accumulating on the floor, I finished my masterpiece. I shouldn't even show you the pictures I worked from because the drawing probably doesn't fit them exactly. Of course I have an excuse though. I had to work from 4 pictures of Matt's mom because of how I set the picture up. Also the wedding picture provided was not the best pose to work off of as well as it wasn't all that clear. This made it very difficult. I was so relived to have it over. But being I don't get to draw like I once did, I was still somewhat happy with the results. Here are some of the pics I worked from and the final portrait.

Before the event began we did a mega family picture. We got almost everyone there. This is quite a miracle when you know the size of family Matt is in. There are 8 children all whom are married and have children themselves. There is even great children now. I know there is well over 30 grandchildren and great grandchildren. We were also able to get some pics of Matt, I and the kids.

Matt emceed the program and did a wonderful job. All of Matt's siblings created the perfect 50th anniversary celebration. The decorations were awesome, the food was delicious and there was a wonderful slide show created from the "millions" of pictures Matt's mom had taken. I am not joking when I say millions of pictures. She is the picture queen, although it is obvious we couldn't fit all of them in a slide show.

Happy 50th Claude and Coleen !!!

Best Friends Wedding...

In my life I have had 2 long time Best Friends. Both are getting married this year. The first wedding has already come and gone. This was my BFF Laurie. We met way back in Jr. High. At first I was totally annoyed by the girl, feelings were mutual. I thought she was Little Miss Perfect sporten her large BYU earrings and private school girl BYU uniform (not really, but it looked like it), she though I was this crazy, hyperactive girl who was on the border line of crazy. I think we both just gave each other the evil eye for the first while.

Long story short, we had a couple of classes together and one day The Beatles came up in conversation and BOOM! We became friends because of the same interest. After that we were hardly apart. We had a bit of a goofy relationship and loved creating stories about the Beatles and us hanging out and getting married. We even had a pretend wedding for Laurie and George one day. I could go on and on about our crazy adventures...

After graduation we decided to go to college and room together. Again, we went on more crazy adventures and here was where I learned how true our friendship really was. I loved having fun, but soon found myself in a bit of trouble. Laurie could see this and she wasn't about to stand back and watch. She warned me of the direction I was going and constantly kept an eye out for me. She constantly made sure I was staying away from anyone who would bring me down in life. It was because of her and her constant concern for me that I got through a rough spot in my life. She was my family at that time and since, I consider her a sister. I went through so many hard decisions at that time and she supported me in it all. Even since I have had to turn to her for major comfort and support on even larger trials that have come my way. She is the most amazing girl!

So enough of this mush, Laurie met this wonderful man away at school this year, where she was getting her masters. I was super excited to hear when they finally got engaged. With a little help from our friends we through an awesome shower with a "Naughty or Nice" theme. We had games planned, but hadn't seen each other for so long that we just bagged the idea and visited. It was super fun.

I was able to go to Laurie's wedding ceremony and it was beautiful. She looked amazing in her dress.

I just want to congratulate Clint and Laurie and let them both now how excited I am for them. I love you both and can't wait for your next visit so that we can get together again.