Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Words from Tate....

Tate is full of questions. You never know what he is going to say... One day he was trying to figure out his future so he began asking questions...

Tate asked Matt, "So when I have kids you'll be a grandpa right? And when I become a grandpa, you'll be dead?"

Speaking of death, Tate has been really interested in what happens after you die and wanting to know all about heaven. One day he was crying and saying how he didn't want mommy or daddy to die. (It was very emotional) Then, he asked Matt, with huge tears in his eyes, "Is there even an All A Dollar in heaven?".

Somehow, all this talk on heaven got Tate thinking that Church and Heaven was the same thing. On Sunday we told him we were going to church and he asked to bring some of his toys. These toys were load and not appropriate for church, so I told him that "We don't need to bring toys to church". Tate then got really sad and on the verge of tears said, "But Mom, there are kids in heaven too and they need toys"!

This last Monday we talked about service for our family home evening. Here is a script on how it went....
Matt: "Tate, do you know what service is"?

Tate: "Yup"..., "Isn't it when you give all of your toys away to someone who has no toys"?....... "Then Santa Clause will bring you MORE NEW toys"!

Tuesday we were outside playing. Tate looked up in the sky and pointed to a rocket/shuttle in the air which left a stream of smoke behind it.
"Look", Tate said, "It's the bad guy chasing after Spiderman"!... (The Green Goblin is the bad guy). Tate then continued to yell in the air, "Bad Guy...... Bad Guy.... Get over here"!

Lately, Tate has really enjoyed the movie Free Willy. There is one particular character in the film who is of Indian decent and takes care of the whales. Well, in our neighborhood we have tons of construction going on. There are allot of trucks and workers. As we were standing outside, this white truck drove by. Tate's mouth dropped and he just starred at the man driving the car. "Mom" he said, "That's the guy from Free Willy"! He continued to tell me how he knew it was him. He had the same hair and skin color, drove a truck.... of course it was him!

I love Tate!