Monday, November 7, 2011

First 6 months in Cali...

Finally After a month of the Hotel life we found the city we felt would be best for our little family. The only problem was we couldn't find the home we wanted and didn't know if we wanted to rent or buy. We decided to do a short term lease in the school district we were wanting our kids to be in. Basically we took what home we could find. I never did take any pictures but I am sure you would have enjoyed seeing our sea blue carpet and salmon pink tiled bathrooms. The house was straight from the 70's with a mini oven (which none of my cookie sheets fit into), a dryer (which forgot how to work once it turned 40 years old) and a kitchen sink which drained water through a pipe onto our plants below our kitchen window (had to see it). As for the back yard, there were glass plates to cover any holes in the ground and lots of potted plants yet to be planted. It was very interesting but it kept us warm... Well on day two after we got the heater fixed when it broke down in the middle of the night.

We had such an adventure. Not only did we have crickets make room in our home but we were welcomed by a baby rattle snake on our front porch the start of rattle season. After 6 months we finally found a more permanent home and one which was a little more newer and needed less maintenance.

We have defiantly created a lot of memories here in California. But seriously, I love it. It has been a great growing experience for our own little family to have each other to rely on. We also live within an hour of Matts brother and his wife who are amazing. It has been so fun to get to know them and their kids better. They have been a great help in helping us adjust to the move. I really enjoy living close to them.

We all have also been very blessed to meet great friends here in cali as well. The area we are in thrives on family and faith. Tate and Addie have made lots of friends. Matts new job has sort of left me a single mom a lot of the time, which is hard, however I have made such great friends who know just what I'm going through. It is so great knowing we can help each other and have each other to turn to and talk when we are stuck with toddlers all day and night.

I have sooo many pictures which I will hopefully add in the next day or two. I have almost a years worth. Know that we are good and hopefully I can get back on track with updating our blog.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Life in a Hotel...

We were crammed but we made it out alive. We lived in a hotel for our first month in california. During this time we got Tate into school and it seemed everyday we were exploring houses and different cities. I also had to keep the kids entertained so I made it a point to go to a different beach once a week and find other fun activities near by. Here were a few of our favorites.

Both Tate and Addie LOVE the beach. It seems each one has something different to offer. My favorite beach had to be in Malibu. We went during low tide and were able to explore some of the sea life on shore. We found some hermit crabs and seashells. There was also some awesome caves you could go through since the tide was so low. We had a blast.


We also found this fun park called Brandons Village. I told the kids that they had to make a friend each time we went and you know what...? They actually did. They got really well at introducing themselves which really helped them adjust to all the changes.

My favorite find was the Create Studio, where you can create art by recycling items. You will have to check out the facebook page.

Addie and I used a soap detergent bottle and made a princess.

Tate wanted to make a super hero and we just so happened to find a wooden picture frame shaped as a person. From there we broke a bouncy ball with a light in it and used it as a chest piece (simular to Iron Man), and added fabric and paint to it.

I am seriously dying to go back. The kids and I had so much fun.

Goodbye Utah...

Our final days in our home were as hectic as ever. We just finished our Christmas only to get everything packed away the next few days after. We had several different piles of boxes and luggage. We had our suitcases for the Cabin, where we would spend right after we move out of the house, boxes full of necessities for the next month (While we live in our hotel) and of course the biggest pile that was to be put in storage until we find a more permanent home in Cali.

Of course on the official moving day we were hit by a huge snow storm. This couldn't make me happier to move to sunny California ;0) Our house was freezing since it had to be left open all day for the movers. Once they got everything loaded the plan was to leave for the cabin. However the storm was too bad for us to drive in and we had NO BEDS or BLANKETS. This gave me the perfect excuse to invite me and my family over to our neighbors house for a sleepover. It was hard enough saying goodbye to them earlier that day so it was nice to hang out one last time before we take off. These particular neighbors are basically part of our family. Matt and I met them years ago when we lived in West Jordan. We were all so close that when we all learned on the new development in Draper, we both decided to move up there together. Basically it really sucked having to leave them behind. Plans are to become neighbors again as soon as we move back to Utah or once we get them to cali... (I wish)

The next morning, after our sleepover, we had to say our goodbyes one last time. It was just as hard the second time. Once again weather wasn't great but we knew we needed to get going. The picture above is the pic I took just as we were leaving.

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am never going to buy a baby....

today Tate asked me if I ever have to get shots like him and Addie. First thing that came to mind was all the blood test and needles I had to get when I was pregnant with both of them so I told them about all the shots I had to get when I was carrying them in my belly and when they were born.

"So you see", I said, "I have had to have many shots given to me as a mom".

At this point Tate replies, "I am never going to BUY a baby If I have to get all those shots"!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last Christmas in Utah.....

I don't know if I will ever catch up but here are some great pictures from Christmas....

This year we had not one, not two, but THREE elves visit us. Aren't we lucky?

Two of the elves visited us last year and both Tate and Addie couldn't wait for their return. Each evening the elves would come to life and have all sort of fun. Once we woke up we would receive a letter (and sometimes a mess) telling us of their nightly adventure. Here are some of the things we woke up to...

A hut made of blankets!

A Toilet Papered Room

An Indoor Snowman

Each year Grandpa Ted has a Christmas Party hosted at his complex.

On Christmas Eve My family gets together for dinner and a Christmas program. This also always includes the Nativity Scene put on by selected family members and sometimes a visit from Santa.

Then of Course the kids favorite day of December, Christmas Morning!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

These past few months are pretty much a blur. I can hardly believe we made it through them. So much has happened and basically we are all beginning our new year on a wild new adventure.

Way back in September Matt heard of a job opening in Utah in Bio Tech. This was something Matt had been wanting to get into, but he knew chances were slim. He went for it anyways and luckily his experience in working with cardio vascular system and as a specialty rep got him an interview. From there the process was a roller coaster. The more Matt learned of the company and its products the more knew he wanted the job. However, the interviews would continue to go well only to send him on to the next interview. The interview process was the most intense and extended interview process Matt had ever had. The longer the process went on, the more doubt Matt had about getting the job.

Finally Matt reached the final interview with the VP of the company and left feeling great. A few hours later Matt received a call letting him know that the decision of his outcome would take longer than expected because of another individual who also just began the interview process for the same position. By this point Matt was crushed. He had never known with such surety that he wanted a job. The long month of Interviews extended to being another month of waiting for an answer. Both Matt and I were sure he didn’t get it and all I heard from him was how “this was a once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Finally towards the end of October Matt received the call. Bad news… Matt didn’t get the job. However, they really wanted Matt to work for them and would give him any other job available! We were pretty sure that that was the end of this, especially when they mentioned an opening in California (which is of course, little on the pricy side). Matt was bummed and I too was sad to see him so disappointed.

The next day Matt received a call and a job offer in California. We were shocked to hear the offer and soon realized that this opportunity was defiantly doable. The only thing that would keep us from leaving was all of our family and close friends. We have been very blessed to live in such a great area with so many kids. Our children have loved having so many other children to play with every day. Our neighborhood has also been one of the most supportive neighborhoods we have lived in. Everyone is constantly helping each other out. Not only do we have a wonderful co-op set up during the day and for Friday date nights, but people are always making meals for you when you are sick, just had a baby or in need of some support at the time. I knew it would be hard for us to leave, but I also knew that this was a wonderful opportunity for Matt and for our family. It would be a great experience for us and would give us the opportunity to really depend on each other more rather than those around us.

We had less then 24 hours to make a decision. Matt and I were up literally all night trying to decide what would be best for us and our small family. I don't even know if we knew what our decision would be until seconds before we have an answer. It was all pretty crazy.

From there we got our house ready as quick as possible to sell and it was sold in a few weeks. Soon after the holidays came and Matt has been out of town for pretty much half of the time. This has left me to keeping the house clean, getting Christmas shopping done, finding a school for Tate and everything else it takes to move and keep life running as smooth as possible.

For this reason I just am going to rush through the rest of the year with pics and brief descriptions.

Halloween 2010

Toy Story cake for a friends little boy

Baby Shower Gifts