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Last Christmas in Utah.....

I don't know if I will ever catch up but here are some great pictures from Christmas....

This year we had not one, not two, but THREE elves visit us. Aren't we lucky?

Two of the elves visited us last year and both Tate and Addie couldn't wait for their return. Each evening the elves would come to life and have all sort of fun. Once we woke up we would receive a letter (and sometimes a mess) telling us of their nightly adventure. Here are some of the things we woke up to...

A hut made of blankets!

A Toilet Papered Room

An Indoor Snowman

Each year Grandpa Ted has a Christmas Party hosted at his complex.

On Christmas Eve My family gets together for dinner and a Christmas program. This also always includes the Nativity Scene put on by selected family members and sometimes a visit from Santa.

Then of Course the kids favorite day of December, Christmas Morning!!!

These past few months are pretty much a blur. I can hardly believe we made it through them. So much has happened and basically we are all beginning our new year on a wild new adventure.

Way back in September Matt heard of a job opening in Utah in Bio Tech. This was something Matt had been wanting to get into, but he knew chances were slim. He went for it anyways and luckily his experience in working with cardio vascular system and as a specialty rep got him an interview. From there the process was a roller coaster. The more Matt learned of the company and its products the more knew he wanted the job. However, the interviews would continue to go well only to send him on to the next interview. The interview process was the most intense and extended interview process Matt had ever had. The longer the process went on, the more doubt Matt had about getting the job.

Finally Matt reached the final interview with the VP of the company and left feeling great. A few hours later Matt re…