Monday, November 7, 2011

First 6 months in Cali...

Finally After a month of the Hotel life we found the city we felt would be best for our little family. The only problem was we couldn't find the home we wanted and didn't know if we wanted to rent or buy. We decided to do a short term lease in the school district we were wanting our kids to be in. Basically we took what home we could find. I never did take any pictures but I am sure you would have enjoyed seeing our sea blue carpet and salmon pink tiled bathrooms. The house was straight from the 70's with a mini oven (which none of my cookie sheets fit into), a dryer (which forgot how to work once it turned 40 years old) and a kitchen sink which drained water through a pipe onto our plants below our kitchen window (had to see it). As for the back yard, there were glass plates to cover any holes in the ground and lots of potted plants yet to be planted. It was very interesting but it kept us warm... Well on day two after we got the heater fixed when it broke down in the middle of the night.

We had such an adventure. Not only did we have crickets make room in our home but we were welcomed by a baby rattle snake on our front porch the start of rattle season. After 6 months we finally found a more permanent home and one which was a little more newer and needed less maintenance.

We have defiantly created a lot of memories here in California. But seriously, I love it. It has been a great growing experience for our own little family to have each other to rely on. We also live within an hour of Matts brother and his wife who are amazing. It has been so fun to get to know them and their kids better. They have been a great help in helping us adjust to the move. I really enjoy living close to them.

We all have also been very blessed to meet great friends here in cali as well. The area we are in thrives on family and faith. Tate and Addie have made lots of friends. Matts new job has sort of left me a single mom a lot of the time, which is hard, however I have made such great friends who know just what I'm going through. It is so great knowing we can help each other and have each other to turn to and talk when we are stuck with toddlers all day and night.

I have sooo many pictures which I will hopefully add in the next day or two. I have almost a years worth. Know that we are good and hopefully I can get back on track with updating our blog.