2013 Round Up still Continues...

 In August the kids started school.  Addie had her first day of kindergarten and Tate was a third grader at a new school.  I transferred the kids to Charter school in hope that it would be a better fit for Tate.  He wasn't excited about the uniforms but I actually thought it was sort of cute.  So far the school has been great and I think it was a good move for both Tate and Addie.

Every 3 years I do a big birthday for the kids.  This year Addie got her big birthday which was a hit.  She wanted to do a Fashion Show theme.  The kids all got to choose their own dress to model and my nieces did their makeup.  We practiced our fashion walks and turns and took our fashion photos.  Near the end when parents showed up the girls put on a fashion show for them.  I created a runway on our basement and turned on some music.  They all had a good time and it was fun watching the girls pretend to be models.

In October we had our Halloween Kid Party.  Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love getting all into it and letting the kids join in all the fun as well.  Sadly I didn't get many pictures of the decorations, but we hosted it in our unfinished basement.  I hung lanterns all ober and had tables set up for food and crafts.  The kids played pumpkin bowling with liters of soda in our front yard.  My friend and her husband were over the games. We rotated groups since it was such a large amount of kids. Towards the end of the last transition, I went out to see how the pumpkin bowling was going.  When I walked outside it was a mad house. There were pumpkins being thrown in the air and seeds everywhere.  Then I caught a glimpse of my friends husband shaking a litter of soda, throwing it int he air and as soon as it hit the ground it shot off like a rocket.  Soda everywhere.  I wasn't thrilled about the mess but the kids were loving it so I gave in.  I also have to admit seeing all the chaos was rather funny.


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