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To be continued.... continues

So it has been almost two years since I stopped mid sentence of my last post and write, "to be continued". So let's get back to where we left off and what caused me to stop writing.  Because so much time has passed I may not get in as much detail or even remember some of the things I was going to say, but I will do my best to catch you up. So I left off talking about my last round of IVF.

After out final round of IVF, matt and I were finally given good news! It worked!  Matt and I knew Addie would be super excited because she wanted so badly to be a big sister, but we wearnt sure how Tate would take the news. He really wanted a dog and knew if we had a baby, the dog would have to wait.

When we broke the news to Tate and Addie, Addie was of course excited.  Tate three himeself on the floor and said "NOooo! I wanted a dog"! After a while he said he would be ok with it as long as the baby was a boy.

I was super excited but a little nervous about starting over. The…

Catch up to the end of 2014

(This post was actually written in December of 2014, but never posted)

I have been so bad at keeping up on this blog.  Which is sad, because It is so great to be able to look back and relive many of these memories.  My kids are getting so big.  I sometimes forget what it was like when they were toddlers.  Now that they are older, there is so much they can do on their own.  I am always amazed at what they can do. Then there are of course the harder days when hormones, emotions and independence take over (and not my hormones).... Those days aren't the most enjoyable.  However, it helps you appreciate the other days that much more.

Tate is my most determined child right now.  He has really gotten into soccer and golf this year.  There has been times off and on where he gets motivated to wake up an hour earlier so that he can practice these things.  In the summer it was soccer and golf.  Right now he has been practicing his soccer and basketball in the morning before school.  Its pret…