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Halloween 2009


Best Birthday Week EVER!!!

I am not a big birthday person, but I do like the fact that Matt and mines birthday is so close together. This always gives us the opportunity to splurge and do something extra fun for out birthdays. This year we had something extra big planned. Earlier in the year a couple of our friends approached us about the U2 concert in Las Vegas. They had a couple of extra tickets and so Matt and I decided we would purchase them as our birthday gifts for each other. We planned a road trip to vegas but as time came closer to the event, we got approached about another fun opportunity. We just couldn't pass going to California so we worked out an excellent plan.

With the help of Matt's awesome sister, who invited us to a beach house in Carlsbad CA., she watched our kids while Matt and I took off for vegas. That next day she and her husband took their kids plus Tate and Addie on an airplane and flew them to Cali. This was their first airplane ride and from what she says it went pre…

The pumpkin patch

We made our little family outing to the pumpkin patch again this year. This is one thing I look forward to when the fall arrives. After picking out our pumpkins, we went home to carve our pumpkins. We first finished Tate and Addie's pumpkin. They had a lot of fun cleaning the pumpkin out and cooking the pumpkin seeds.

I picked out a pumpkin also for me. I wanted to attempt another 3D pumpkin. Sadly I sort of ran out of time and we took off out of town (Which was awesome). We got back on Halloween and I had to hurry and finish my pumpkin. I did it in about an hour. The whole missing eyeball came about because I kept messing up on the eye and so I finally just took it all out. Here was the final pumpkin.

Tea Party

My mom has been wanting to do a tea party with all of the granddaughters for a long time now. Finally she got it all put together and I was able to join in on the fun. My mom set up an adorable table with dolls and tea sets. Each girl had to bring a doll to join them at the tea party.

First the party started with sandwiches and cupcakes. After that all the girls got to color their own paper dolls. We then went outside and turned on some music. All of the girls danced around. It was so cute. When the dancing was done, we went back inside and my mom and I helped the girls make hats for their dolls.

The girls had a blast and are excited for next years tea party!

Best Friends Wedding Take Two...

So in my life I have been lucky to not have one, but two very close friends. It just so happened that both of these friends got married this year. In Sept. My longtime friends Darcy got married. We have known each other since we were 3 years old. Darcy was always the sweet and innocent one while I on the other hand just got us in trouble.
We have had so many great memories from diapers to dating and so forth. We use to think we were so funny dressing up in her parents old clothes, sneaking outside and then knocking on her front door and selling things to her parents. We always thought they had no clue who we were. Then there were the days of our art classes together. We spent most of our time in the halls... wether it was sneaking out to get our free soda's or getting kicked out of class and spending the rest of the time on the floor in the hall. Good times!
Darcy is one of the most giving people out there. She constantly is giving to everyone and is always mindful of h…