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The Door

For a long time now we have struggled getting our kids to stay in their room when it is time for bed. We have threatened time after time that if they don't stay in their room that we would have to lock them in. The threat never even scared them and after a while we got a little desperate. Finally on one of those nights when Tate was being his usual self and testing us to the extreme, Matt finally pulled out a rope and tied Tate's door to another door holding it shut. It was quite the knot and Matt and I were finally able to go down stairs to get some time to ourselves. 30 min. later Tate yells "I got out"!

...So much for that Idea.

After that night we realized the rope wasn't going to keep Tate in his room. We had to go to the next level. Tate told us we would never be able to keep him in his room and so Matt switched Tate's door knob with another Door knob which couldn't be opened without a key. Not only, could it not be opened without a key, bu…

Addie Turns 3

This is obviously way overdue however this was one of favorite things this last year. In September we celebrated Addie's birthday. I have tried to throw a special birthday for each of my kids once they turn three since they are starting to understand a little more about what's going on. From there we have a large birthday every 3-4 years.

Since this was Addie's first birthday party I went all out. Addie decided she wanted a princess birthday party and face painting was a must! We invited Addies friends in the neighborhood and I began to create a princess atmosphere in my home.

Everything started coming together and my art buddy was willing to face paint at the party. Then a couple of days before the party one of my cute neighbors offered to come as Snow White. I told Addie that a special guest would be coming to the party and she was so excited to find out who it would be.

I was so excited to see my Friend Kara (The Face Painter and artist) get all dressed up for her…

Paul McCartney Concert

For those of you who have known me for years I have always been a huge Beatle's fan. The best part was my dad is who introduced me to them and he is a fan as well. In 8th or 9th grade my dad surprised me and took me to the Ringo Starr and His All Star Band Concert. This was such an awesome night. My dad even snuck in his video camera and we got some video before someone came to worn us no videos allowed. I have the best dad.

Later in life my dad continued to surprise me by taking me to several different Beatle Tribute Band concerts. A few years ago I took my dad to the Oldiesfest which was also a great time.

Well when I heard Paul McCartney was coming I had to take my dad. I was starting to get it all planned when my dad, the great guy he is, had the same idea. We ended up each buying our own tickets so that we could get better seating and I took him out to dinner. I was in heaven at the concert. It was absolutely amazing.

First 1/2 Marathon!

This summer I accomplished my first half marathon! This has always been a goal of mine , but it just took me some motivation and a buddy to join me to do so. I didn't get any pics but I assure you I did it and I even finished.

During the summer I had ran two 10k's and ran them in under a 8 min mile. I was hoping to keep up that rate even though I knew the run would be much longer. However, there were things I had to take under consideration....

Anxiety Bladder
There has to be a real name for this somewhere but since I am unsure as to what it is called I will explain it to you. Everytime I know I am not going to be able to go to the bathroom for a while my bladder get an anxiety and has to go like every 5 min. Seriously! I knew this would happen but tried to go to the bathroom as soon as I could before the run as possible. The problem is with the run I did (Provo River 1/2 marathon) the lines are horrible. There was no way I would make it to the bathroom a second time bef…

Cousin getting married...

My cute cousin finally tied the knot in Aug. She is such a beautiful girl and I couldn't be happier for her. She was kind enough to trust me with her custom made cake topper. Her now husband collected M&M figurines and so they wanted a unique M&M wedding cake topper that they could keep and add to their collection. They looked around but couldn't find what they wanted plus the prices were outrageous so she asked me if I would be willing to make one for them. I of course said yes, but had to admit I knew nothing about making a cake topper. I just went with it and with clay I created this....

Since this cousin and her family has always been super supportive to my family I wanted to make sure I did all I could to help so my mom and I got together and hosted a shower for her. My moms camera had more pics, but here are a couple of what was taken from my camera...

Congrats Gillian and Jon!!!

4th of July

The 4th of July is always a holiday my kids look forward to. I wish it was because they understood the main reason for the celebration, but it is actually because they look forward to our neighborhoods yearly 4th of July Block Party. This year my neighor Tami and I sort of took charge and then the craziness began....

My Sister, husband and their kids stayed the night before at our house. When we woke up, we all woke up to the strongest winds ever. The party is always held outside and we knew it had to go on, so we just went with it. It will probably be one of the mist memorable 4th of July block parties... We set up as much as possible but with the wind things weren't wanting to stay put.

First off we had the parade around the neighborhood.

Afterwards we plugged in all of the grills for the pancakes and as we were cooking them, the power we were using had an overload and quit on us. This left only half cooked pancakes. The only solution was bringing the grills to someone…

Brother Visits

One of my favorite memories this summer was when my oldest brother came to visit. Since being on his own her has lived all over. Most recently him and his wife are living in Japan with my adorable niece, Parker. Since they have had her I have not seen her other than pictures and skype so this visit was a major deal.

It was so fun seeing my brother as a dad. Overall it was just great hanging out with him and his wife. The bonus was getting the WHOLE family together again. It has been a couple of years since his last visit.

Tate graduated Pre-School


Anderson Family Trip

Way back... when the summer began (in June) we had an Anderson family vacation. It has been a long time since we have been able to all get together and finally we did. We went up to Matt's family's cabin and spent a week there. We did tons of four wheeling, hiking and even horse riding. My brother in law had a buddy bring his horses to the cabin. There was even a pony for the smaller kids to enjoy.

Some other activities we did were decorate t-shirts and the girls all got to make their own dolls. It was defiantly a vacation to remember.


(YUP, this is a bit old. I started it and never finished, but here you go.....)

We had the craziest Valentines week, but I absolutely loved it! I have sort of been on a kick lately of parties, so I thought it would be awesome to invite a few of Tate and Addie's friends over for a valentine party. Last minute my nieces and nephew joined too, so that their mom and dad could go out for their anniversary. There was defiantly going to be a party!

Tate really wanted to decorate the house for valentines and so I had him help me pull something together. It turned out pretty cute for it being cheap hand made decorations. I didn't even have to spend anything since we just collected things around the house. ...

Speaking of Tate helping me, I swear I know how to spell Valentines. I had Tate string the letters on and at some point they must have gotten mixed up. For some reason I didn't even notice until everything was all hung up. I wasn't about to pull the sign down and get…